Magical Massages [Brisbane]

Musculoskeletal Dry Needling

Dry needling is a pain relief methodĀ  that seeks to relieve the pain caused by musculoskeletal dysfunction through relaxing muscle “trigger points” that develop within a muscle – both in cases of both acute and chronic pain.

A Myofascial Trigger Point (MTrP) is a small area within a taut band of skeletal muscle. A MTrP can be identified with mechanical stimulation, via stretch or pressure, to reproduce familiar pain locally and possibly within a recurrent referral pattern.

MTrps are generally caused by active overuse (as is often found in the trapezius). Repetitive strain, poor posture, emotional trauma, continuous overloading of muscles and direct trauma can all produce MTrps. Research has shown there is a strong correlation between MTrps and the location of traditional acupuncture points.

Dry needling is a safe and relaxing process. There is no sharp or excessive pain, or sensations such as you might feel when you prick a finger. After a dry needling session patients may feel a little tired or fatigued similar to after an exercise session. However there are no lingering effects and most people continue their day as usual.

Dry Needling versus Acupuncture

There are similarities but also significant differences between the traditional Chinese system of acupuncture and dry needling. Acupuncture follows rules and beliefs which have been laid down in ancient times, and is based on pre-scientific ideas.

Modern dry needling principles largely ignore the ancient rules of acupuncture and is based on modernĀ  knowledge and research in the fields of neurophysiology and anatomy.

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