Magical Massages [Brisbane]

Corporate Massages

Engage a fully qualified massage therapist to energise your team!

Many business and corporate offices are now regularly booking massage therapists to assist their workplace and de-stress their staff with a quick neck, head and upper shoulder massage. I can cater for all types of business functions including in the workplace, at trade shows, conferences or events.

Do you want the best from your staff?

Management and staff become more relaxed and better able to focus on the job at hand therefore improving productivity. There is no need to remove clothing and no oil is used. Effective massages can be 5 to 20 minute duration designed to suit your company’s specific requirements, with the client seated in a chair, at their desk or, if room is available, using a massage table or massage chair.

Appointments may be weekly, fortnightly, monthly or for a special occasion.

At-work massage benefits:

  • Choice of desk, massage chair or table.
  • Management and staff more relaxed.
  • More focused on job.
  • You decide duration of massage.
  • Given through clothes.
  • Appointments made to your specific needs.

To find out more please contact me.